I am interested instinctively in most ways of producing visual expression.

Currently photography is playing the main part, with which I have a volatile relationship, but an enduring one as I was lucky/naive enough to turn an interest into a career.

As a function of time I have experience in most areas of commercial practice, which has enabled me to move towards creative practice.

I have developed an interest in photographic mediation of the physical environment.  How photography has set up our understanding of and therefore relationship with nature, particularly the distance that currently exists between the two and the implications. This may or may not fuse with my recent enthusiasm for the creative possibilities and liberation offered by wet plate collodion photography and related processes.

The web has played a major role in my research for this project, I have learned a lot from sites like this and web-based communities.  I hope my efforts play a part in moving the debate on and act in a similar way to others.