Silver Bath Leak……

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I left the silver nitrate in the tank for quite a while and it leaked.

I was down to about 300 ml of solution and quite a bit of discoloured crystalised nitrate in the bottom of the tray I luckily had my tank in.

I tried some plates in the nitrate I made up to a litre with distilled water, to see what would happen.













Quite predictable, didn’t work.

The hydrometer sank to the bottom when I tried to measure the gravity.

I decided that the rescuing the crystals in the bottom of the tray was not a good idea as I feel it wouldn’t give reliable results, so I ordered another 100g of Silver Nitrate from here.

I added the nitrate to the weak solution until the gravity reached 1.067., resealed the tank with superglue and I’m now back in business.

Lesson learned, store the Silver Nitrate in a suitable and clearly labelled sealed bottle when not in use.

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