Portable Dark Box III

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I have finally become mobile!

The cloth is now fitted to the dark box and I have been able to make images plein air (outside)

Here’s the setup on my latest project.

box1The set up was for 10×8 tintypes, which aren’t as easy as they sound.

I got four not totally useless plates out of a dozen.  The difficulty in pouring and developing this format is exponentially increased from 5×4.

The most successful image below.

lamp108Excuse my reflection, I don’t have access to a scanner at the minute.

And an unknown fault.


I think the collodion had set during the process, but I’m open to advice on this.

Lastly another view of the darkbox on day two of the project.

box2It’s looking more authentic now, due to the massive silver nitrate stain.

If or when you build your own version make sure the silver tank is somehow attached to the box in  a way which eliminates the possibility of it tipping over.

Ask me how I know.

I now have a very small beauty spot on the side of my nose.  I feel very lucky.

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