Improved Tin Type Portraits

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Here are some improved tintypes from an experimental shoot where I was exploring exposure.

The first image was taken in the studio with six exposures on two 1k heads and the second was taken outside with an exposure of seven seconds.


I like the light background in this image  and the model was able to keep very still for the duration of the exposures.  The image is not perfect however, but as previously discussed in the blog it’s the imperfections that make the image.  The light patch on the models hair I believe is called veiling and is caused by the developer, in this case it was too strong.

This image is quite dark overall and the shadows contain little detail.  I suspect that the image is underexposed generally but also that the contrast has not been controlled well.  This however could be incorrect as these issues could be caused by the development ie strong developer and underdevelopment.

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