First solo Tintypes

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This is how it went.

I finally opened the kit from:

with a purpose after having gathered various bits and pieces in preparation.

I added the silver nitrate to the distilled water to make a 9% solution, which went into the diping tank without incident.

I made up the fix (sodium thiosulphate) from silverprint 150g/500ml water.

Prepared the area, collodion and dev in place.


The first plate was 5×4 black aluminium from Trotec, which worked out at £1/per sheet.

First attempt, nothing.

Second some marks.

Third nowt.

Fourth some marks.

Fifth, after increasing the exposure by 3 stops. Success.

1st Solo Tintype

I put the out of focus record shot down to excitement.

Although not totally thrilling as an image in itself, it proved the kit was working and capable of refinement.  What you are looking at is a section of foliage (see below).


The exposure was six poops (technical term) of two 1k heads at about 2 foot from the subject.

I only had time for one more exposure in that sesion, as the image was a portrait I will have to ask permission before posting.



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